Welcome to the Home page of Stone The Crow and the ‘Almost Famous’ Gary James.

Gary is a full-time professional entertainer. He is based in Edinburgh and has entertained both adults and children for over 10 years.

Gary and Stone bring fun & laughter - oh and magic too - to any occasion whether it be a Birthday Party, a Gala/Fete, a Xmas Party - in fact anywhere that people are gathered to have a good time.

You can instantly see the “picture perfect" moment when everyone at the show watches in amazement. Within the
first 60 seconds of the show - you'll know you've hired the RIGHT entertainer! You'll see a very FUNNY award winning entertainer, well honed and 100% Professional.

Edinburgh Evening News

Gary offers his Magic in several different forms:

For more information on the entertainment Gary can provide and see some pictures of Gary in action-please click on the links at the top of the page.

Stage Magic

This is best suited to larger venues and audiences. This type of performance is most in demand for Galas & Fetes, at  Corporate Kids Events , and for some of the larger School Shows. - (not to mention some of the major shows for Clubs/Organisations)

Gary's  Stage  Show  is  a  great  hit  wherever  he  performs.  He  has entertained and  delighted  family  audiences  across the length and breadth of Scotland.

These family  magic  shows  are packed  full of  fun and  laughter  and  there is  plenty of  audience  participation  to  keep everyone  involved  and interested - and above all - entertained.

Gary's 'partner' Stone the Crow also stars in the Stage Shows - and he is a big favorite with both children and adults alike.

 Hi Gary
Thank you for the fantastic show you done for Heidi's party. Everyone young and old enjoyed every minute of your performance! it was amazing!
You are absolute first class! very funny and your magic tricks are still a mystery....how do you do it?? We have sat and wondered all night!! Lol
I will be in touch again for another party booking in the future.
Thanks for making Heidi feel so special
Kind regards
Clare Cockburn
 Just a quick word of thanks for the excellent work you did on Saturday. You were a tremendous success with everyone. They were all very impressed and your entertainment  was spot on for everyone that you did a trick for. It was even more magical watching the children's' faces.
 Thank you for  your hard work, your professionalism  and the joy that you brought everyone.

John Morris

Walkabout Magic

This style of is great for informal occasions, where Gary can ‘mix & mingle’ with guests, performing Magic for them as he moves around the venue (this is also known as ‘Strolling Magic’). This is ideal for Galas & Fetes, at  Corporate Kids Events

Walkabout Magic is hugely  popular  with  both  adults  and  children alike. It  is  well suited  to  a  wide  range  of  venues  and  events:  ranging from Table Magic at TGI Fridays and The Gleneagles Hotel, to performing Walkabout Magic 'In Costume' at Musselburgh Racecourse. In addition, Gary has performed this type of magic at numerous galas/fetes and fundraisers across Scotland.  (Walkabout Magic can also be performed with ‘Big Bunny’ - where appropriate.)

Parlour-style Magic - no need for a stage.

This is most often performed for Birthday Parties, at Weddings, for Special Occasions or for entertaining members of Clubs/Organisations. (as well as many

Schools & Nurseries) This is performed without a stage, although Gary has his own PA system and backing frame.

TEL.0131 332 8321       MOB.0793 272 8695

Multi Award
Hi Gary,
I just wanted to thank you for making Erin's party something special, your professionalism was a breath of fresh air - kids and parents thought the party was brilliant and Erin and Amy are thrilled to have been magician's assistants. All the kids had a ball and we would have no absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to friends.

Thanks again,

Mrs Nikki Russell

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